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This site was created just for consulting services offered through CWD Enterprises Inc. At this time the site only contains Seismic Consulting Services but will cover all services offered in the near future. We are new to this web page "stuff" and are learning new and different ways to handle the information to "share" with you, creating a dynamic interface for our business together.

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FTP now available

It has taken some time but we finnaly found an acceptable method and site to handle FTP files. Visit the FTP Site page for more information.


Need large files exchanged?

Some times just attaching and emailing a file will not work. This could be due to file size or the receivers box will not accept large files. Contact us and we will set up a secure ftp site for your files. Should you experience problems contacting us though this site you can do so through cwdenterprises@juno.com or by phone 281-782-0340


We offer seismic source boat HSE & QC along with rig acquisition QC.


Of course the same is true for land operations. One differing item is we can verify Vibrator operations independent of the electronics used.


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